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SEO Clerk were invaluable to me when I was creating a blog with plans to monetise.

They were able to advise on many aspects of blog creation and really came into their own with content creation for the blog. They advised the best types of SEO plugins for WordPress and had infinite patience with me and my dumb questions.

I was a complete novice and nothing was too much trouble for the team – from which WordPress theme would be great for my blog to how to get set up with Google analytics they supported me at every step. Their experience and knowledge shines through in their work and I couldn’t be happier with the support I received from them. 

They are experts with all social media platforms and helped me get set up on most platforms when I’d never even used them before at all, I was a complete novice. They showed me how to schedule tweets and how to use all social media platforms to my advantage to drive traffic and engagement to my blog.

I can now confidently use all social media platforms. If I require assistance in future I wouldn’t hesitate to turn to them for support. They are experts and deal with all levels of experience, even if you aren’t a novice like me I’m confident you could benefit from their assistance. I had no idea what I was doing when it came to blogging but within two weeks of creating my blog I’d received my first paid job offer and was well on my way.

Their packages were incredibly reasonable and I went from not even knowing what SEO was to confidently marketing and increasing engagement on my blog in a matter of weeks. 

– owner of