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Getting your website found on large search engines such as google can be extremely
difficult. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work wasn’t my strong point when creating but with the help of SEOClerk I was able to get the site ranking
top on some key words.

They consulted me and refined my SEO strategy enabling me to reach a larger audience
from the search engines. With the help of their expert team we made quick work of creating
the strategy as they specialised in SEO audits. We knew exactly where we were going
wrong and exactly how to fix and enhance our site.

I loved how well structured and detailed their analysis was of our site. Using SEOClerks data
analysis they produced a detailed report which included keyword research, competitor
analysis (so we can see how to position ourselves compared to competitors) and more.

We have always found that keyword research was difficult as you have to find niche
keywords which are easy to take over with little competition but also searched enough to
make it worthwhile. This was all taken care of for us and the results have been fantastic.
With so much information given in their detailed report about the current state of the site
along with competition research and improvements which can be made we set about
optimizing each page.

Using page optimization not only has been able to build the strength of our pages and links
but it’s also enabled us to generate more backlinks to the site. These backlinks which have
been created due to the work from SEOClerk have been invaluable and have increased
membership sign up rates.

Thanks to all the work put into such a detailed analysis report and creating a strong SEO
strategy it has really pointed the site in the right direction and has given us so much

We would highly recommend SEOClerk for your SEO needs.

An excellent team of experts all at your fingertips!