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People always think that my website: Bake More Cake is about baking, but that’s not necessarily the case. Unless baking is your passion, of course. As this is a website dedicated to doing more of what you love.

It could mean that you spend more time exploring a hobby or working on a relationship. Whatever it is you’re doing, it should help you to feel more fulfilled.  

Why this concept is important

Doing more of what you love is important for several reasons. But here are three of the key ones:

1) Doing what you love makes your work and routine more enjoyable and satisfying.

2) It can reduce stress and anxiety. Being happy with how you spend your days will make it easier to sleep at night.

3) Doing more of what you love will help reduce the risk of burnout. In addition, it can help promote creativity, as well as improve your overall health.

Keeping your passions alive

Exploring and developing life passions is at the heart of Bake More Cake. People often feel like they don’t have time for their passions, but if they keep up a consistent schedule with a good work-life balance, then your passions won’t burn out.

I also think it’s absolutely possible to maintain your passion, while finding new ones. You just need to make sure that you give yourself the time to do the things you enjoy.

Exploring key areas

In life, being happy is important, so we have a website section dedicated to that. We explore easy paths to a better life and way to find happiness in nature.

Within the website we also explore love, life and wealth. All of those components contribute to happy, fulfilled life, so we have areas dedicated to those subjects within the website.

Our overall aim

We really hope that Bake More Cake will help inspire people to live their best lives. The world is a busy place and sometimes, or own interests and passions can play second fiddle. It’s our aim to remind people that they should do more of what they love, because it’s important.