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I absolutely love Christmas. For me, it’s a time of year that’s all about family, fun, eating, drinking, and making memories. That’s why I decided to start Craving Christmas – a website dedicated to the best time of the year.

If you’re a Christmas enthusiast like me, then you will probably start thinking about the big event months before the big day. Trust me, people that adore Christmas are thinking about alternative Christmas tree decorations and where to hang their Christmas wreath, long before December. I know people that start Christmas shopping in January!

What’s Craving Christmas all about?

On the website, I mainly talk about traditions, décor, festive food and gifts. It’s a space to explore Christmas as a Christian celebration, but it’s also a place to talk about the ways that people can celebrate within their own homes.

Food is definitely one of the website’s key themes. As people like to bake extra special treats within the holiday period. They also like to experiment and to try new things, so I like to give them the inspiration to do that.

Future plans

As time goes on, I plan to develop the blog further. I would like to discuss Christmas films and Christmas songs, as I think they’re integral to people’s festive enjoyment. I would also like to explore how different countries tackle the festivities and I’d like to write about the Elf On The Shelf tradition.

This website has become an income stream for me, which I’d like to grow over time. There are lots of companies that are interested in advertising on a Christmas website, as it’s very much a commercial event, as well as a religious one. Advertisers also know that they will get in front of an engaged audience, as the search traffic is feeding through to the site is very targeted.

Why Craving Christmas works for me

I find writing about Christmas very easy, mainly because I genuinely love that time of year. If I didn’t love Christmas as much a s I do, then I think I would struggle to populate the website. However, as it’s my favourite time of year, writing about Christmas is never a chore for me.