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We all have to live somewhere, but sometimes, turning a house into a home is a challenge. I have certainly found renovating our Victorian terrace house a struggle at times. That’s why I developed In Home Insights, to document my learnings.

There are lots of decisions to be made when you’re renovating a house. In my experience, it helps to read about the different options, so you can weigh them up and decide what would work best for you.

What’s this website all about?

On In Home Insights, we talk about the different aspects of having a home. You want it to look nice, to function well and perhaps you want it to generate some cash too.

We have a design and d├ęcor section, where we explore different aesthetics. That’s where you’ll find tips on finding the right decorator and choosing the right wallpaper.

In the eco living section, we explore things like water conservation and heating your home sustainably. We felt it was important to have a section on eco living, as this is a subject that people are very interested in (at the moment especially).

The third and final section of the website is dedicated to increasing equity within your home.  For some people, buying property is about making an investment, so we felt it was important to have a place for equity discussions.

Who is this website aimed at?

This website is aimed at anybody that wants to improve their home. No matter what the motivation for changing it is, you’ll find an article here that sparks your interest.

Moving forward

As I renovate my home, I’ll be sharing more about my experiences and challenges. We are making small changes at the moment; like painting, decluttering and adding things like pictures and paintings. However, as time goes on, we will be upgrading each room. We will take our readers over at In Home Insights on that journey with us.