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I started may website: Stapo’s thrifty life hacks at the start of the pandemic. I had been furloughed from my job in digital marketing and I’d decided to upskill by doing a selection of courses online. I wanted a place where I could try out the new skills that I’d developed.

Choosing a niche

I chose to set up a website about making and saving money, because it’s something I’m passionate about. I made some big financial mistakes in my twenties, and I ended up in a lot of debt. I paid it all back, by making extra money, saving cash and learning to be savvy.

I’d always be telling my friends about my latest money making (or money saving) discovery, so I figured that it made sense to create an online space to share this stuff. However, I wanted to be honest about the things that didn’t work too, so I wrote about that stuff as well.

Since its inception, the blog has evolved. I now no longer just talk about money, but I write about other things I have direct experience of. This includes parenthood, mental wellbeing and productivity. I publish at least one new piece of content each week too. Every article contains hints, tips and hacks and the number of readers I receive increases month on month.

Moving forward

It’s fair to say that starting a blog has generated plenty of opportunities for me. It has been great having a space to showcase my writing and I have picked up some freelance clients as a result. It has also been a handy income stream, as I ended up being made redundant from my job

Things have certainly grown since the website started. I decided to give something back to the blogging community, so I set up blogger SEO tricks, to share valuable information with others. I also wanted spaces to explore some of my other interests, so I started blogging over on Bossy Girl and On The Soap Box too.

If you are thinking about starting a website, but you’re unsure, then I say go for it. I can guarantee that your website will lead you to a world of different opportunities.